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We play cooperative roles in Japanese companies’ foreign business by utilizing our good and powerful connections with Japanese major companies. For instance, we carry out our rental business abroad as well as selling installments toward local crane users. In that field, we strengthen our framework for cooperation with Japanese major trading companies, general contractors and financial groups in order to cut costs and shorten construction period. This is how we support foreign business of Japanese companies more sophisticatedly and smoothly with the future of Japanese economy in our mind.



Main Duties

・Purchase of used/brand new cranes

・Export of used cranes

・Engaged in the rental of cranes


● Almost 30 years’ experience & achievement as shipper
● Quick response to your needs
● In stock and available, provide suitable maintenance by our mechanics
● Export to any port outside Japan







Head Office

Address :666-6 Masatsu, Higashi-ku, Okayama-city 704-8165, JAPAN
TEL +81-86-948-0102 FAX +81-86-948-0103

Kobe Branch

Address:2-10, 9-chome, Minatojima, Chuo-ku, Kobe-city, Hyogo, 650-0045, Japan
TEL +81-78-302-5851 FAX +81-78-302-5852

Hiroshima Branch

Address:6-21, 2-chome, Kusatsuko, Nishi-ku, Hiroshima-city, 733-0832, Japan
TEL +81-86-501-5770 FAX +81-86-501-5771

Shikoku Branch

所在地:423-191, Ikushima-cho, Takamatsu-city, Kagawa, 761-8002, Japan
TEL +81-87-802-2355 FAX +81-87-802-2366